• Ca Beach – by Darkman – guy at nude coastline has intercourse having a young sis and cousin. (MM, Mbg, ped, bi, dental)

    Call man – by Anon – a new black administrator gets the possibility of an entire life, and then realize that their structure is his tool that is best to get ahead financially. (MM, intr, 1st-gay-expr, work)

    Calling Her Bluff – by Romeodt69 – a wife and husband discuss lot of dreams while having sex. Now it had been time and energy to call her bluff! He invites A bisexual man to meet them for a week-end getaway. Which was the that started it all weekend! (MMF, bi, dental, swingers)

    Camp – by Andy G. – Two buddies have snot-flying-drunk plus the one which remained aware made a decision to have a blast along with his passed down friend. (MM, liquor, nc)

    Camp Obajeebaa – by Durango Dan – Sam and Andy are most useful buddies likely to camp. Their 11 12 months curiosity that is old in if they spied on a couple of counselors. Then they had to experiment for each other to see just what it felt want to do whatever they saw. (MM, bg, bb, ped)

    Camping – by Anon – Two buddies camping discover they both have bi-curious part. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, dental)

    Camping Out – by Val White – Three men thinking about some intimate experimenting among by themselves, prepare a camping trip to enable them to be alone, only to realize that three girls had already create their tent within the kid’s plumped for campsite. (m+/f+, teenagers, bi, first, orgy)

    Camping Trip – by Joan a lady and her two brothers camp call at the relative yard, then they talk the lady from across the street into joining them. (mmff, bi, inc, coa)

    Camping Trip – by Q12 – son and dad go camping but come across some difficulty. (M+/MM, inc, nc, orgy, mast)

    Camping Trip Threesome – by Anon – An impromptu threesome between a hitched couple as well as the kid buddy associated with the spouse’s sis through the very first nights a camping journey. (MMF, bi, threesome, dental)

    Car parking – by Rick Restless/Derek Higgins – Threesome BI-sex in an escape area – (MMF, voy, BI)

    Carpark Stranger – by John – we stopped with a road part car parking to utilize the restroom plus an older gentleman called my wife to their automobile window were he had been jacking down. (MMF, exh, bi, mast, dental) component 2

    Card Party – Bill R. – certainly one of my next-door neighbors is a few within their mid-thirties (Pam and Mike) and I also’ve discovered out of a shared buddy that they are tinkering with “swinging” along with other partners. From the thing I ended up being told, they may be hetero-swaps. But in my opinion if the lights are low. Every you have likely tasted one another at once or any other. Transvestite story line. (MF, MM)

    Carson’s disaster – by dale10 – Carson is a school stud that is high. But he falls in to the arms of some homosexual men whom want to discipline him for their fag bashing. (MMm, nc, rp, 1st-gay-expr, dental, anal, bd)

    Getting Daddy – by Daddysslut – minimal Cheri catches her Daddy and Brother when you look at the work and joins them. Some events that are wild. (M+/bg, ped, family, inc, bi, intr, orgy)

    Caught – by Eric’s Toy I had never ever acted out my impulses that are gay a long time of wedded life, and I also thought my key had been safe. But my partner discovered out and chose to get also. (MMF, reluc, 1st-bi-expr, cuck, huml, leather-fetish)

    Caught By My companion – by Eric’s Toy My closest friend caught my spouse along with her enthusiast and my partner told him the whole tale. (MMF, bi, reluc, voy, cuck)

    Caught By My Son – by Q12 – Dad and son masturbate together. (MM, inc, mast)

    Caught By my spouse Having Gay Oral Intercourse – by Barry – a guy that is straight dreams about gay intercourse with another guy. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, dental, mast)

    Caught: Dressed And Knotted – by Jimmy James – this is actually the story about getting dressed up, stumbling onto your pet dog being knotted to him if the owners get me! O.M. G! (MMM, M-teen/beast, cd, 1st-gay-expr, dental, anal)

    Caught into the Act – by Somebodyorother – Cary and Beth are caught by Cary’s older brother sex that is billy having. Billy chooses to deal himself in, until all three of those get caught. (mmf-teens, youngsters, Mf, ped, reluc, dental, anal)

    Caught within the limelight – by Peder Ast – it had been certainly one of my forays that are first naked, and I also ended up being stressed as a pet in an area saturated in rocking chairs. (M-solo, exh)

    Caught Putting on My Undies – by Graham F Cutler – The activities of a cross dresser, while the woman that spotted he had been putting on ladies’ undies. (MMF, bi, television, cd, exh, mast, dental, anal, orgy)

    Caving Intercourse: My first-time – by Secret enthusiast – i am hitched now with 2 small young ones, but there is an occasion once I thought I would never ever be hitched. In reality, simply having a girlfriend beyond the one-date-every-6- months variety ended up being very nearly beyond my experience. I became lonely and horny as hell, but We kept myself busy, mainly with hobbies and adventure that is so-called. (MM, oral, first, cheat)

    Cell #13 – by Duke – that is a whole tale about love and betrayal in jail as well as home. (MM, intr, bdsm) component 2

    Chambers, The – by Mack the Knife – a family group awakens to get by themselves captive of a psycho that is voyeuristic. (M/MFmf, ped, bi, nc, inc, voy, orgy)

    Change of Focus – by Rojah Dodger – Sherry had been Jack’s girlfriend, a fox in one regarding the better sororities who’d taken a taste to Jack and seemed intent on working her means through the Kama that is entire Sutra him. (M+/F+, bi, college-highjinks)

    Changing Our buddies – by Digger – I hypnotize our buddies making them become a cum-swapping, voyeuristic couple. (couples, exh, dental, bi, mc